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The accounting procedures or lack thereof can make or break any business, regardless of tenure or size. FDTTS uses cutting edge accounting software to fulfill our obligation to our clients, ensuring accurate and effective service in a timely manner.

Accurate bookkeeping can be daunting and time consuming but it doesn’t have to be. Ensuring your payroll is processed on time doesn’t have to be your responsibility. FDTTS handles all in house accounting handing back your time to you on a silver platter. Now you can focus on growing your empire or simply more time with the family. Leave the numbers to FDTTS. Choose from any of the services that best suits your needs or save on time and money by choosing one of our packages.

Our Business Accouting Services

Outsourced Accounting

Before commencing any project FDTTS ensures that we understand your business model, work approach and goals. Thus positioning ourselves to best meet your needs.

Book Keeping ​

We help companies to reduce expenditures and improve their financial performance.

Payroll Processing​

A well-organized Payroll mechanism by ensuring that all the Payroll liabilities are correctly calculated according to the time-sheet of our clients

Tax Consultant​

We promise to guide you for all your taxation essentials with highly experienced & seasoned tax consultants having in-depth knowledge

Payroll Processing

Every good leader knows that the grease that keeps the wheels of productivity turning in any company is the human capital (the staff). It is with this view in mind that FDTTS uses payroll software that is reliable and accurate. Thereby ensuring happy staff.

Your payroll is done accurately and on time, we take the hassle out of payroll processing and deductions. Lets help you reduce back office cost and increase your production time.

Get educated on the dos and don´ts as an employer when it comes to the benefits of your employees.

Outsourced Accounting

We at FDTTS know how daunting it can be to ensure that records are properly kept. We also understand that our customers can fined for deviating from this requirement. This is why with experience and expertise we take tremendous pride in meeting and maintaining the gold standard of accurate and secure record keeping.

Numbers no longer have to be a tedious task, leave it to our team of professionals. Let us keep you on track and compliant while you focus on building your empire.

Bank reconciliation

Ever wonder what bankers mean when they say your bank balance might not be your “Real Balance”?

Whenever a company cheque is drawn but not yet cashed by your supplier or staff that money is still reflected in your account as yours. Let´s keep you on track with your balances and save you money by preventing overdrafts. Have your bank and in-house records synchronized like never before.

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